Monday, April 3, 2017

Undertaker says goodbye to WWE Career

Wrestling is one of the most watched entertainment programmes on the TV and even live at the WWE arenas. WWE has produce some of the remarkable wrestlers that have entertained the audience and viewers since long. While one can count the legends on finger tips, some will remain in the hearts of the wrestling fans. And surely Undertaken has been one of those very few who appeared with awe and left after a display of most pleasing professional wrestling.

Under taker has been one of my favourites and I never missed watching his wrestling whenever he was there. But watching the Wrestlemania 33 was really heart breaking, for I saw my favourite leaving the arena for the last time.

His match with Roman Reigns was really a thriller but the outcome was rather heart breaking as the legend who once ruled the arena was down there unable to get up like his typical posture for a last thrashing of his opponent.

Many thought that he may still walk out clad in has typical long coat and hat, but to their dismay, he rested his iconic leather coat and hat in the centre of the ring, evoking a keen sense of sadness amid the entire audience of Wrestlemania 33. There were tears in the eyes of almost everyone who were stunned on the outcome of the match and saw a legend walking out - this time without his long coat and hat - bringing an end to his 27 years of wrestling career forever.

He had an illustrious career for having won World Heavyweight Championship (3 times), WWE Hardcore Championship - once, WWF (World Heavyweight) Championship/WWE Undisputed Championship (4 times) and Royal Rumble (2007).

So it is goodbye Undertaker - the world of wrestling and your countless fans will always mis you - for there won't ever be one like you again.

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