Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to open a coconut

Eating coconut is one of the tastiest things in the world - and one really enjoys people marooned on islands living on coconuts till a ship arrives. Remember Tom Hanks living on an island after the plane crash in the movie Cast Away? Well it looked much easier in films breaking a coconut and eating it.

But back home if your wife brings a coconut and asks you open it - it is a real nightmare. Perhaps more difficult than cutting a diamond.

And this is exactly what happened to me this morning when my wife asked me to cut open the coconut. Well peeling its outer skin and taking out the water was easy. Even cutting it open was easy too. But when it came to removing its outer raw coarse skin from the inner brown skin, the nightmare set in. 

Though I made the mission impossible possible with loit of effort at the cost of a bleeding thumb with got struck by the knife, I saw appreciation for me in my wife's eyes for I seldom do such kind of kitchen things.

So I turned to YouTube to find how to cut open the coconut - and to my amazement many of the videos did exactly what I did - that is to say the non professional way. But then I came across a video which was easier and clean.

I am sharing the video - may be it comes handy if your wife brings home a coconut and hands over to you for the manly cut. Here is what you should do - watch the video below:

Easy - wasn't it?


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