Sunday, October 25, 2015

How delicious Turkish meat delicacy is made

No dish or eating is complete unless there is a dish of meat or beef. Almost all people around the globe, except the Indians and some veggies, like at least one dish of meat of any kind. And there are countless recipes to cook, barbecue or fry the meat to suit one's taste bud, mood, taste and environment.

Like all people, Turks are too good in making meat dishes. Recently I was in Germany to visit my son where a lot of Turks live and I had a good time eating their delicious and mouth watering dishes. Some of the best dishes that I ate included Köfte or the meat balls, Şiş Kebap - made of chicken or lamb meat skewered on wooden or steel skewers and eaten with dipping these in yogurt.

Doner Kebap was my favourites. The chicken or beef is wrapped in a cone shaped hanging with close to a vertical burner. The meat is roasted by rotating the cone and then cut into very thin slices by a huge sword-like knife or an electrical shredder and then served in a pitta bread or served with lot of salad and pickles.

But for those going in for a more delicious dish, the procedure is rather long but the outcome is tremendous. See the video below and you would know how this special meat dish is made and served - see how the foodies enjoy eating this.

Watch the video now:

Turkish Sajji - Turkish Food
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I am sure you would be terribly wanting to have been there at this table where this delicious Turkish delicacy has been served.

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