Sunday, December 8, 2013

Amazing yet Easy Home Alone Projects

Are you Home Alone today? Well if you are and have plenty of time to yourself till the rest of the family members join, do something that will make others wonder and admire your aesthetic skill when they get back.

Yes, you can do it from things lying around uselessly in the corners unattended for quite sometime or you find out lying uselessly when cleaning up. Do not throw even a small strand away as you can make a wonderful project out of it.

How? Well this is just as simple as the projects given below. Just try out some and feel proud of your 'intellect' and ability to 'create.'

Let us start off with the simple ones first:
1. Use Bookends as Floating Bookshelves

 2. Transfer a Photo onto a Slab of Wood
3. Nail Polish Key Covers
4. “Fireflies in a Jar” Night Lantern 
5.  Turn Clothes Hangers Into Shoe Hangers
6.  Screw Cheap Furniture Knobs Into Wood for a Necklace Holder

Well that is not all - here are some more:
7. Use a Window Shutter as a Mail Holder

 8. Stack PVC Pipe/Paint Cans as Shoe Storage
 9. Make a Lamp Out of a Water Jug and a Headlamp
 10. Wrap a Scarf to Make a Draped Skirt
11.  Make a Braclet with String and Hexagonal Nuts
12. Letter Bottles With a Hot Glue Gun

Want some more? Well these are part of some 31 projects given HERE - so click on to find some more mazing yet easy Home Alone projects

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