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My Collection of Postage Stamps of Pakistan 1974

During 1974, Pakistan Post issued stamps on ten occasions and luckily I have all of these in my collection, but one.

 The first set of two stamps was issued on 1st January on the eve of the World Population Year. The stamps valued 20p and Rs. 1.25 showed a family and the emblem of the World Population Year.
The second set of two stamps was issued on the holding of second Islamic Summit Conference in Lahore, Pakistan. The two stamps valued 20p showed the conference emblem while the 65p stamp showed the conference emblem and the sun. 

A souvenir sheet of 85p was also issued beside the FDC.

 The third stamp of the year was published on 1st July on the eve of Adoption of International System of Weight and Measures in Pakistan. The 20p multicoloured stamp showed units of weight and measurement.

 21st July always came with a set of three stamps to commemorate the RCD anniversary. IN 1974, the RCD celebrated its 10th anniversary and the theme selected for this year was the carpets of Iran, Pakistan and Treky which are known the world over for their finest hand knotted carpets. The stamps were valued 20p, 60p and Rs. 1.25.

 The fifth stamp of the year was published on 9 August on the eve of National Day of Tree Plantation. The 20p multicoloured stamp showed hands protecting the fragile saplings.

The sixth stamp was issued on 28th August on the Namibia Day. This 60p multicoloured stamps showed the map of Africa and torch showing the light of freedom.
The seventh stamp was issued on 23 September to commemorate the Shahrah-e-Pakistan or the roads of Pakistan. This 20p multicoloured stamps showed the road map of Pakistan.

The eigth stamp was issued on 7 October on the eve of Universal Children Day. This 20p multicoloured stamps showed a baby boy and a desk.
On the Centenary of the Universal Postal Union, Pakistan Post issued two commemorative stamps. The 20p multicoloured stamp showed the UPU emblem and Acroll, while the Rs. 2.25 multicoloured stamp depicted the UPU emblem and an aeroplane.
A Souvenir sheet was also issued on the occasion, priced at Rs. 2.45.
The tenth stamp of the year was to pay homage to the first Prime Minister of Pakistan who was assassinated on 16th October 1951 at Rawalpindi Liaquat Bagh. The stamp was issued on 18th October.
The last and eleventh stamp of the year was to commemorate the Birth Centenary of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan. The stamp valued 20p bearing portrait of the Iqbal was issued on 9th November.

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