Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mysterious object found zipping over the moon

While NASA may have better explanation for this, but a recently uploaded armature  astronomer's video shows a mysterious object zipping over the surface of the moon.

Mysterious Object marked in red circle 

Scroll down for video

The user, danchek2013, has uploaded a video that shows a moving object emerging from the shadowy landscape of the moon's surface and then seemingly accelerating over the craters, before changing direction at breakneck speed and heading towards the bottom of the screen.

Intriguingly, it appears to leave vapour trails, similar to a plane, in its wake.


User 'King Dennis Jensen' said: 'At first I was like "meh another satellite" and then one more showed up faster than the other and it did all those swift angle movements.. Quite interesting indeed.'
Nathan5638 simply said: 'That's legit people!'

Well what it is - no one for now is very sure to answer. Maybe some clue is found by experienced astronomers or for that matter NASA.

Watch the video below and see the mysterious object zipping over the moon surface:

via Mail Online


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