Friday, November 16, 2012

Top Creative Re-usage of the Discarded Objects from the Junkyard

There is never a limit to imagination and one can stretch to any limit. And the same is true for bringing the use to old furniture. Those not opting to use imagination would dump their old and discarded furniture outside their homes for others to carry away.

But those who have a passion and hobby of recreating, would think twice throwing away their old furniture and may come up with a better use of their otherwise useless old rusty and faded furniture into something that looks elegant, useful, attractive and inspiring.

Why throw away your old piano with which you have nostalgic memories attached. Remember, your grandfather sang love songs for your grandmother and it was the same piano on you got your first lesson? So why through it away. And then the old bicycle you used to ride as a young man. And the old white Mercedes now rusting in your garage, you don't want to part with.

Well if you have imaginative and innovative mind, use your pastime by re-creating something useful from the antiques stored in the junk yard and bring these to life by bringing these from junkyard to your house - you would certainly enjoy doing that.

No?? Find out how and what can you do:


As for me, the use of the bicycle and the old white Mercedes is the best, what is yours?

All photos above have been shared with exclusive permission from Techzug

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