Thursday, October 25, 2012

Windows 8: What is different about it

Whenever something new hits the market, specially in the field of technology, with special reference to gadgets, smartphones and computers OSs, there is sudden swarming by the gadgets lovers, geeks and developers. We saw the 'Gold Rush' as in case of iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII and so on.

But why there is quietness and inactivity as Microsoft unleashes its Window 8?

There are already news that big organizations and entrepreneurs are reluctant to part with their existing Windows 7 or earlier OSs and have not shown much enthusiasm in changing over to the new Windows 8.  But going through its many features, one does not find much fuss about it, but a few of course.

Like for instance you have to have a monitor with a touch screen. Now you and I know how many have it. So if your are thinking of truly enjoy the touch screen feature of the Windows 8, which seems to be 'the' feature, go buy a touchscreen monitor first before jumping inside the world of Windows 8.

Some of the other features of Windows 8 are:
Windows 8 is faster and smoother compared to Windows 7
It has a user friendly and simplistic interface - just like a tablet
Windows 8 has no start button - surprised? Well if you are a power user, you may not like the start button go missing - would you?
There are not many apps tailor made for Windows 8 - while it make take a while, you may have to bear with the ones provided by the OS.
Now so far so good. So if you decide to buy Windows 8, be sure which of its versions to buy - it may leave you with some homework and knowledge about your hard work.

Windows 8 (RT) - is the most basic version of Windows 8, designed for for computers or tablets that run on ARM processors. So if your computer or tab has AMD or Intel processor it can't be powered by Windows RT. And it cannot run X86 programs - goodbye to legacy apps.And what is more, you cannot run VLC Player of Firefox on it.

In fact Windows 8 RT is for tablets only. So if you have desktop/laptop, opt for Windows 8 Pro. This is for new purchasers and even for those opting and wanting to upgrade to Windows 8.

But unless your system has following MINIMUM hardware features, better stick to Windows 7 or your current OS:
  • 1GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM (32-bit) and 2 GM RAM for 64- bit
  • At least 20 GM disk space (64-bit) or 16 GB in case of 32 bit.
  • DirectX 9 Graphics device
  • Screen Resolution 1024x768 pxls.
Now the big question - am I upgrading to Windows 8? Yes I am, provided Microsoft provides me a free touch screen monitor, when I purchase Windows 8. What about you?


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