Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here comes stealth mouse: Buttonless and Wireless

Good news for gamers and gadget lovers!!

Now there is no hassle of wires and buttons on your mouse - here comes the stealth  mouse: 'buttonless' and wireless.

The stealth mouse: Buttonless - Wireless
As reported by Jack Evan of PC Germsthe Thinkgeek designers have invented a Stealth Touch Mouse which neither has buttons or a wire. It is basically a wireless mouse with touch interface.

You just need to fix a 2.4GHz wireless receiver at its bottom (that comes with the package) to connect this mouse with your computer and you are good to go. The touch surface is pretty responsive and comfortable to use. Swipe, click and slide to control the mouse.
It has a 1,200 dpi resolution and features laser technology to track the cursor. There are 2 AAA batteries and a USB receiver that gets attached into the bottom surface of the mouse. This ultra-portable mouse is available for just $69.99. Isn’t it cool?


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