Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amazingly Innovative Futuristic Watches

While for hobbyists it is fun to collect and display uniquely designed, amazingly innovative objects and gadgets, the designers  on the other hands come up with extreme innovations and aesthetics to suit to the taste of such hobbyists, using modern technology to combine the needs and likes of the customers.

Watches have come a long way in displaying innovations using digital technology and taste, as the viewers would see in this post.

Tokyoflash futuristic or conceptual hand watches are designed by a brilliant designer Olivier Demangel, Olivier Demangel is well know that in our future simple designed watches are not reliable to use so they started to create different types of concepts and give the idea of production departments to make like that watches designs which is unique and its required of the modern age. 

The unique hollow dial pate watches
The unique design of hollow dial plate through solar cell integrated; the way of representative time is very special and extraordinary. These watches look like the necessary props in the science invention film. I hope you will be like this awesome below gallery.

Wouldn't you want to choose one from the selection above?

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