Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Download RedSnow 0.9.14b1 (0.9.14 Beta 1) To Downgrade iPhone 3GS Baseband 06.15

We at Hobby Shobbys shared with the readers Download RedSnow 0.9.12b2 [0.9.12 Beta 2] For Untethered iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak [Direct Link] a few days back.

Now continuing with the updates on RedSnow 0.9.12b2, we now share today's download of RedSnow 0.9.14b1. This new version allows iPhone 3GS users to downgrade their baseband version 0.6.15 to version 05.13.04, through which your device will have  ultrasn0w compatibility and a normal iPhone baseband with full GPS and the ability to use stock IPSWs again.

The step by step procedure is as under:

1. Use the “Extras=>Select IPSW” button in redsn0w to tell it which firmware version you have installed (new-bootrom 3GS users can usually skip this step but it doesn’t hurt for them to do it too).

2. Do a controlled shutdown of your iPhone (“slide to power off”). This step is very important to avoid mount problems when the ramdisk is running!

3. Go back to the first screen and click “Jailbreak”. Enable the “Downgrade from iPad baseband” checkbox, disable Cydia if you already have it installed, and click Next to proceed through the normal DFU ramdisk steps.

For those who are wondering if they can update their 3G or 3GS to 06.15 solely for the purposes of downgrading to 05.13.04, the answer is “yes” for 3G owners, and “maybe” for 3GS owners. 

The iPad is not compatible with 3GS units manufactured week 34 of 2011 or later. If you have an iPhone 3GS and if digits 3-5 of its Serial Number are 134 or later (xx134…), then you should NOT try to install the 06.15 baseband on your 3GS! It will brick your radio, preventing both the downgrade from working and normal iPhone software from using it as a phone! Be warned!”

The download links are as under:

Download RedSnow 0.9.14b1 (0.9.14 Beta 1) Windows [Direct Link]

Download RedSnow 0.9.14b1 (0.9.14 Beta 1) MAC [Direct Link]

[via Wahaab JB / Chip Hazard]


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