Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rafi Peer's International Folk Puppet Festival

whenever dolls, puppets and entertainment is talked about, the name of Rafi Peer Theater Workshop stands out loud anywhere in the world.

The Workshop is the pioneering organization of its kind in Pakistan, which has produced a vast variety of interesting work for urban and rural audiences from avant-grade experimental productions to highly innovative and controversial themes and productions about serious social issues which confront our society like environment, family planning, education, self help.

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop in collaboration with International co-productions - mostly with European companies, and has brought over 30 countries at a time to Pakistan and exposed our audiences to a wealth of different cultural experiences. It is the only organization in Pakistan that has done extensive work for the development of theater with its focus on youth and children.

The productions of the Rafi Peer Theater Workshop are not geared to make profit. However many major sponsors come forward to support the activities of the Workshop for the noble cause undertaken by the organization.

Recently, Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop organized the International Folk Puppet Festival of contemporary and traditional Puppetry in collaboration with The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lahore. Six countries performed in Lahore for this festival.

Watch a video of the festival:


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