Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Space Race Blastoff: A new Game on Facebook by NASA

We have so far been accustomed to NASA's release of images of the space and frontiers beyond our galaxy.

But now NASA has side stepped and has a game for us on Facebook. The 'Space Race Blastoff ' is however not like the games gamers are accustomed to playing. The game is in fact a sort of quiz to test 'gamers' knowledge about space. The game includes questions like, who launched the first liquid-fueled rocket? — that cover a range of space-related topics including history, technology and science. There’s even a pop culture category.

Why introduce this innovation through Facebook? NASA says that due to social network’s massive audience, it will both provide fun and knowledge sharing among those who choose to play it.

Read more: Mashable or Play it at Facebook: Space Race Blastoff 


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