Saturday, December 17, 2011

Max Payne 3 Full of Bullets, Bullet-Time and Grit [PREVIEW]

[ via Mashable ] 17 Dec

Max Payne 3, the newest game in the gritty, noir-shooter series. Rockstar gave us a look at the early build of two levels that showed off the gun-play, game mechanics and new story.

Max Payne 3 finds its eponymous hero some years after the previous game. Payne is now an ex-cop and travels to Brazil to work in private security for a Brazilian real estate mogul. Payne is tasked with finding the mogul’s missing wife, though all is not what it seems.

Game creator Rockstar Studios also hinted that the game’s timeline will be fluid, meaning there very-well may be later levels that take place in and around New York.

Watch a video review:

This is just the begining. Read full Review HERE.


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