Friday, July 1, 2011

Snow Kiting - a stunning outdoor for winters

Snow kiting is a new sport for the winters and attracts daring people to use kite power to glide on snow. It closely resembles the kitesurfing with the only difference of the footwear. In snowkiting, snowboards or skis are used for balance and sking.In the early days of snowkiting, foil kites were the most common type; nowadays some kitesurfers use their water gear such as inflatable kites.

Snow kiting differs from other alpine sports in that it is possible for the snowkiter to travel uphill and downhill with any wind direction. Like kitesurfing, snowkiting can be very hazardous and should be learned and practiced with care. Snowkiting is becoming increasingly popular in places often associated with skiing and snowboarding, such as Russia, Canada, Iceland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden and the Northern and Central United States. The sport is becoming more diverse as adventurers use kites to travel great distances and sports enthusiasts push the boundaries of freestyle, big air, speed and back country exploration.

Watch the following HD quality video of stunning snow kiting feat.

Resource: Wikipedia
Video: YouTube


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