Thursday, April 14, 2011

Collecting Record Jackets

When talking of collecting things as a hobby, jackets of LP covers also comes to mind. Although with the advent of CDs the use of records and listening of these on the turntables has diminished to a great extent, those who love listening to records still continue to dig in old stores to find LP (long playing) records to add to their collection and listen to these on their turntables.

In fact collecting LP jackets is same as collecting old books and adding to one's LP library. I, as an avid fan of the Beatles, the famous British musical group that rocked all charts in the 60s, have still a number of Beatles' LP jackets as part of my library. And whenever I see these, it reminds me of the days when these were put to sale and how all us five brothers pooled money to buy these LPs.

I remember the day how excitedly I had gone to the Hall Road, Lahore to buy the Sgt Pepper. The LP had come in double jacket, though had one LP but its colourful jacket and full size uniformed photos of the Beatles was really fascinating. Likewise I remember the day when I bought the Let it be. Rodney Hope, a college friend of my elder brothers, had a wide collection of English songs, specially the Beatles and the Ventures. We would usually trade-off each others' collection. 

While I was in Iran, I had befriended with an Iranian family. The couple was issue less but were very jolly and lively. They had a large collection of records, mostly in Persian and were disposing ff their belongings as they were migrating to Italy. One day while I along with my family was visiting them, I saw Beatles' Rubber Soul going in waste. I requested for the LP and the family was too pleased to gift the LP to me. I still have the LP and it reminds me of the couple with whom I lost contact when they went out to Italy.

The Beatles are perhaps one of the most heard and remembered musicians of all times, even when two of the Beatles are no more and the remaining two carry on their lives independently. The Beatles included John Lennon (guitar), George Harrison (guitar), Paul McCartney (bass) and Ringo Starr (drums). 

The group traces back its history to 1957 when the two main pillars of the group, Lennon and McCartney, started playing together in The Quarrymen in 1957, England. Later George Harrison and then Ringo Starr joined the group to what became to be known as the Beatles.

Most of the songs were written by John and Paul, while most of the songs were dominated by Paul for his melodious voice, followed by John. Harrison and Ringo sang a few, but mostly concentrated on their instruments. The group hit the main charts all over the world, especially in the UK with their “Love me do” in 1962. In 1963, “She loves you” became the biggest ever hit in the UK history. Their memorable visit to the USA in 1964 would be remembered and cherished by all those who saw them coming down from the plane, and playing.

Besides songs, they took to movies and their A Hard day’s Night (1964) and Help a year later broke box office records. Whatever they sang became instant hits and they ruled the charts for as long as they played. In the late 60s, their music became more sophisticated and animated with their release of the Sgt Pepper and the Yellow Submarine.

But at the same time, their popularity and cooperation within was waning. And as expected and predicted by many, the group was dissolved in 1970, when Paul brought a lawsuit to dissolve the group.

After their dissolution, John, Paul and Harrison continued their solo music while Ringo was more inclined towards the corporate world. John’s tragic murder in 1980 and the death of Harrison in 2001 left Paul and Ringo as the remaining Beatles.

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