Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two rare coins of Pakistan

As the world moves towards lighter and easier plastic money, the coins are becoming a rare commodity. Although, these still continue to be in use, their value and use is on decline. I remember the days when even one paisa on my childhood was a great possession. Now even a rupee of hundred rupees vanish in seconds when one goes to the market.

Above are pictured two rare coins of Pakistan. The first coin on the top is one paisa denomination dating back to 1957. One paisa was then part of one rupee and a rupee had 64 paisas in it or 16 anas, each ana having four paisas. Upon conversion to the decimal system in 1960, the rupee became 100 paisa rich, while the concept of ana was done away with. This brass made one paisa was good enough to buy a toffee in my childhood, which now cost one rupee or 100 paisas.

The second coin is 10 rupees coins issued in 13 October 1998 on the eve of 25th silver jubilee of Pakistan Senate. The coin is a Cuprous Nickel, containing Copper 75% Nickel 25%. The coin is no more to be seen except with the coin lovers.


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