Friday, February 11, 2011


Although I have never surfed in my life, but surfing is one of the sports that attract me whenever “surfing” channels on my TV. You may say watching people surf is my hobby and I can very well imagine how much enjoyment those who surf draw when contesting the power of the sea waves out there in open. I also admire the photographers who take stunning photos and videos from angles that are unimaginable and difficult.

Surfing, as defined in the Wikipedia, is a surface water sports in which the surfer rides a board, called the surfboard, on the crest of the sea waves as it carries the surfer to the shore. The surf boards are of two types: the long-board and the short-board. The surfboards track their origin from Hawaii where the Hawaiians used wood planks. But the surfboards as we see today are hand shaped by experts made of fiberglass. This makes these boards strong and sturdy to ear the rigours and thrust of the powerful sea waves.

While watching surfing videos, the one above caught my attention and I am sharing this classic surfing feat by Mike Parsons, who is seen here contesting a powerful giant 64 feet high sea wave. The wave reminds me the scene form the Poseidon Adventure which turned the ship upside down.

In my next post, I will talk about various board sizes and techniques involved in surfing. In the meantime, I wish happy surfing to all those who dare to harness and contest the might of sea waves.


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