Monday, December 27, 2010


Barbequing or simply the BBQ is my very favourite, for not only that I love eating barbecued chicken, kebabs and tikka, but because I barbeque myself whenever there is family get together or an occasion to celebrate. While the preparation that includes marinating of the chicken or meat or beef is done by my wife, skewering, making the coals ready and then actual barbequing is my specialty.
Barbecuing is synonymous to highly seasoned meat or chicken or beef grilled over burning hot coals. Usually fats are not removed from the meat or beef as these melt over the red hot coals and add more grease to the meat to cook tenderly and crisply. Although in absence of integral fats, oil is applied on the meat with a cloth tied on the end of stick and by dipping it into the oil can and then applying it on the meat.
BBQ is essentially an outdoor activity, in the home lawns or out there in open when on a picnic, hiking or camping. When close to the house, gas or electricity can also be used as an alternative to coals or wood. But the real taste comes when it is done on coals or wood as the internal aroma of the coal and wood gets immersed into the meat which gives a flavour which can be have when BBQ is done on gas or electricity.
In Pakistan, BBQ is very famous and barbequed tikkas and kebabs of meat, chicken and beef are a must dish of all festivities, especially marriage dinners. Even in restaurants, this is the most ordered dish.
Once in Iran, I also had barbequed fish, something that had a taste of its very own kind I haven’t been able to forget till date. I will share more of it some day.
I will add some recipes of BBQ in my future posts.
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