Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stamps of Jordan

This page from my stamp album shows some of the rare stamps of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan issued in the in 1950s.

Two stamps at the bottom left corner of the page is in fact is part of the set of eight stamps bearing the photo of Temple of Artemis, Jerash. The set was issued on 19th October 1954.

The stamp bearing the portrait of King Hussein on the top left corner was issued on 14th July 1954. The two stamps under the first stamp are part of the definitive stamps of o a set of 32 which were issued on 6 June 1959.

The four stamps in the second column from the left bearing the Al Aqsa Mosque / Dome of Rock, which were issued on 26th March 1954.

The only stamp in the third column from the left bears the Al Aqsa Mosque and is part of a set of four stamps issued on 19th October 1954. The stamp adjacent to it shows Treasury of Petra issued on 2nd September 1954 and is a part of set of three stamps.


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